Metal Roofing Contractors in New Haven

Roof Maintenance Plans

What To Expect

Elite Roofing tailors our maintenance plans to the needs of our customers. Our maintenance plan covers the big picture of roofing as well as the small intricate details that may arise.

Roof Application

 The owner of the building will be charged by the square foot that is needed. While still having access to any of our commercial roofing materials as well as our commercial coating options.  

Annual Inspection

An inspection is done annually to check up on your roof. This catches any minor damages before they become major problems.

Large Repairs

These are usually the result of environmental damages such as debris damaging your roof. The repairs are noted during an annual inspection. However, you are not compensated for with your maintenance plan. 

Small Repairs

Small damages are noticed during the annual inspection that needs to be repaired. These repairs are apart of your maintenance plan, so no extra charges are necessary. 

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