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Commercial roofing is our most popular service. With over a decade of roofing experience, you can trust Elite Roofing to give you quality service. Providing some of the best commercial roofing in the midwest. Our commercial roofing services include installation, repair, coating options, and maintenance plans.  

Roofing Materials

We offer numerous types of roofing material for commercial-style buildings. Giving you peace of mind with our commercial roofing process. Elite Roofing’s services can fit a wide range of roofing jobs with a wide range of roofing material to meet all of your roofing needs.

Commercial Repair

Commercial restoration is a common problem among businesses, small and large. Buying an entirely new roofing system may not always be an option. Elite roofing is among the most trusted in roof restoration and repair. Try our free quote form to get started on your commercial restoration project. 

Commercial Roof Materials


 Metal roofing material is widespread in the commercial realm. Metal roofing can be more costly upfront. However, it pays for itself in the long haul. With a longer life expectancy, metal roofing is a go to for a business that doesn’t want to deal with a new roof every 10 years. 

PVC Membrane

 An eco-friendly option to traditional metal roofing. Great for chemical resistances when compared to our other roofing technologies. Elite Roofing heat welds the seams to ensure greater reliability. White PVC membrane creates a very reflective surface for high energy savings

Polyurethane Foam

Also known as SPF, this roofing system uses a liquid mixture that then expands into a thick foam. Since it is applied as a liquid, hard to reach places can be sealed to minimize the risk of leaks. SPF is extremely environmentally friendly. Due to the product’s nature, SPF can sustain damage without leaking, resulting in less money for repairs.

TPO Membrane

The TPO membrane is one of our most affordable alternatives. A white, rolled rubber roofing that helps reduce your energy costs. This is the go-to for a business on a budget. 

Maintenance Plans

Elite Roofing understands that doing one big job at once might not always be an option. We tailor our maintenance plans to the needs of our customers. Our maintenance plan covers the big picture of the roofing and the small intricate details that may arise. We will help you fit your new roof into your budget!

Commercial Roof Coatings

Elite Roofing is constantly keeping up to date with new roofing technology. Our team is dedicated to bringing commercial business’s top of the line roof coatings. Improving heating and cool efficiency and reducing money spent on roof repairs. 

Types Of Coatings

Acrylic Coatings

 An easy to apply system. Acrylic coatings are like a fresh coat of durable heat resistant paint for your roof. Doing things for your roof that a new roof could for a more affordable cost. 

Fabric Reinforced

This system is a multi-layered application. Giving your roof that much more added protection. Applied on your existing roof first is a wet coat that hardens to prevent leaks during those rainy days. On top of that is a durable rubber-like fabric to protect your roof from the more harsh elements. 

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